Preparing For Your Visit


Please DO. . .

  • Remember that dental care is something you want for your family. We don’t have to go to the dentist; we get to go to the dentist! Just like you would go to the doctor to keep your body healthy and strong, the dentist helps keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • Help your child to understand what to expect from a dental visit by reading an age-appropriate storybook about a dental visit, role-playing at home, or watching a cartoon. Sesame Street has great kid-friendly videos on YouTube.
  • Keep your feelings low-key and treat the dental visit as routine. What we accept as normal, our children will accept as well.
  • Answer your child’s questions honestly, but not too specifically. Too many details can create confusion and anxiety.

Please DO NOT . . . 

  • Communicate your own fears about the dentist to your child.
  • Use dental visits as a threat when your child misbehaves.
  • Expect perfect behavior.
  • Promise to stay with your child during the entire appointment
  • Most children cooperate better without a parent present.
  • Make the dentist a villain.
  • Joke about pulling teeth.

If your child is struggling

Please DO engage your child in positive conversation such as:

  • Redirecting attention to something pleasant, like what movie you’ll watch when you get home, where you’ll stop for lunch after the appointment, etc.
  • Telling your child what is special about him/her.
  • Talking about pets, siblings, toys, etc.
  • Reciting a favorite story or song

Please DO try some of these child-friendly coping strategies: 

  • “Use your deep breathing now “ Guide your child with slow, deep breaths.
  • “Pretend you are superman and squeeze my hand” or any other character that your child admires.
  • “Draw me a picture on my hand with your finger” 

Please DO NOT use distressing phrases such as:

  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Does that hurt?” 
  • "It's almost over."
  • “I don’t like being at the dentist either.”
  • “You’re just like me, I had bad teeth too.”
  • “This reminds me of when I had 6 teeth yanked out.”
  • "I'm sorry you had to do that."

Have specific concerns about your child’s appointment? Need more help preparing your child for their appointment? Call 214-484-3199 and a member of our team would be glad to help you.




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